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Artist Name Number Of Registerd Hit Point UPDATE
Randy Crawford1 Songs1583 Hit2004/10/09
Randy Muller1 Songs1411 Hit2006/11/15
Randy Weston1 Songs10 Hit2009/04/01
Raphael Martos1 Songs6 Hit2010/07/20
Raphael Saadiq4 Songs3385 Hit2004/10/02
Rappin' 4 Tay9 Songs3026 Hit2004/10/02
Rare Earth4 Songs3307 Hit2004/10/02
Rare Presure1 Songs2 Hit2005/09/26
Ras Kass1 Songs1 Hit2004/10/02
Rasa1 Songs10 Hit2004/10/02
Rasco1 Songs6 Hit2011/08/26
Rashad1 Songs1672 Hit2007/07/31
Rasputin's Stash2 Songs6 Hit2005/09/29
Raw Produce2 Songs3 Hit2006/11/20
Ray Brown1 Songs2346 Hit2010/06/20
Ray Brown & Laurindo Almeida1 Songs1612 Hit2008/11/03
Ray Charles3 Songs2141 Hit2004/10/02
Ray Parker Jr.1 Songs2431 Hit2011/08/03
Ray,goodman & Brown1 Songs8 Hit2004/10/02
Razah2 Songs0 Hit2006/12/14

Results 20 - 40 of about 127

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